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Sabbath, Circumcision & Tithing

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This website is about my book: Sabbath, Circumcision, and Tithing. You can order the book through online booksellers, or you can order it at a discount from me. I'll tell you about it.

The book is unique in that it puts the Sabbath question into the larger framework of other Old Testament laws. It does not just examine one law, but many, to see general principles by which Christians may look at Old Testament laws to see why some are obsolete.

The Sabbath is not the only Old Testament law, and it needs to be studied in the context of other OT laws. Some OT laws are generally considered obsolete, and others are generally considered valid today -- but why? Why should Christians keep one law, but not another? When we understand the answer to that basic question, we will see how the Sabbath fits in today.

You can see how thorough the study is by examining the table of contents below.

The new edition has the same main text, but a different appendix, a glue binding, slightly smaller margins, and a few less pages.

I am out of stock. I will be posting the text of the book on the WCG website:

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Table of contents

Section I: How can any of Godís laws be obsolete?
1. The strange variety of Old Testament laws
     2. Does God make mistakes?
     3. Circumcision: a new way to keep an old law
     4. The eternal validity of Godís law  
     5. A Christian council about Old Testament laws
     6. The biblical explanation: a new covenant
     7. Hebrews and the change in covenants
     8. "The law is holy, just and good"
Section II: "Remember the Sabbath day"
9. Was the Sabbath commanded at creation?
     10. The Sabbath and the Ten Commandments
     11. The prophets and the Sabbath
     12. Jesus and the Sabbath           
     13. Example of the apostles
     14. Paul and the Sabbath
     15. A better way to rest
     16. Sabbath and Sunday in the early church
Section III: Other laws
17. The role of the Ten Commandments in Christian life 
     18. Mildew, meats, and cleanliness
     19. Annual festivals
     20. Tithing
     21. Behavioral expectations in the new covenant
     Appendix 1: Summary Q&A about the Sabbath
     Appendix 2: For further reading




table of contents  Bligh  Welch

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